3D Laser Scanning Services

Innovative Laser Scanning Techniques

New ideas and old fashioned ingenuity help Smartgeometrics stand apart from other providers of 3D Laser Scanning services. Without the “blinders” of being locked into one industry or skill-set, we specialize in the collection, manipulation and delivery of the data, and work with qualified professionals in any given area of expertise. New ideas and techniques developed from working in many diverse industries are available to all of our clients. We stay on the cutting edge so you don’t have to.

Professional & Knowledgeable Personnel

Our field personnel are qualified in every system and software application that we carry. This includes terrestrial laser scanners, kinematic scanning systems and point cloud applications such as Leica Cyclone, LFM, Z+F Laser Control and others. SGM field crews are not only well-trained they are some of the most highly cross-trained professionals in 3D imaging. Our management staff came to 3D imaging from such diverse backgrounds as the film industry, land surveying, petrochemical mapping, and non-traditional education. This diversity provides our clients with a wealth of experience when it comes to problem solving and the development of collection methodologies.

Petrochemical and Process Services

Petrochemical & Process Services

2D to 3D, P&IDs, Isometric drawings, BOMs and existing piping layouts are just a few of the specialized deliverables available from our P&PSD…
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Laser Scanning for Architecture, History, and Forensics

Architectural, Historic & Forensic Documentation

We can create technical and interperative materials documenting “as-is” conditions accurately and safely…
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Laser Scanning Professionals

Laser Scanning Education

Educating our customers is a big part of what we do. SGM understands that many of its customers are in some stage of evaluating or integrating HDS technology or looking to create in-house capacity. Our unique methodology is based on a helping hands approach which starts with our doing most of the heavy lifting in the beginning while we bring your crews up to a level of proficiency, and your company up to a level of knowledge, which is sufficient to not only complete projects, but evaluate the level of service you want or need in-house. Sharing our expertise is part of our job.

World-Wide Laser Scanning Availability

Local or world-wide, we are ready to go. Whether its local short-term service in the Local Rate Zone or a project in the deserts of the Middle-East, SGM can support your project. We have completed projects on every continent in the world except Antarctica and we are not afraid to go there! Here’s a short list of some of the far corners of the world we have visited:

  • Prague, Czech Republic – 9 miles of imaging within the historic districts of the city
  • Kahnbodgd, Mongolia – Hoist house and deep shaft survey of the Oyo Tolgoi Copper Mine
  • Bathurst, NSW Australia – Complete surface imaging of the Bathurst Formula One Circuit
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE – Yas Marina Circuit and facilities (Static and Kinematic Imaging)
  • Port of Spain, Trinidad – Onshore and offshore asset integrity surveys (petrochemical)

World-Wide Laser Scanning

Our field crews have executed hundreds of overseas projects we are well-versed in the intricacies of international travel and logistics. Of course we perform work daily all over the US and we have crews stationed in Houston, Texas and Trinidad and Tobago on 24 hour standby for local service.

For more information, quotes or to schedule service contact Ryan Hardy: rhardy@smartgeometrics.com or call 214-755-6928

In Trinidad and Tobago contact Dwight Armstrong: darmstrong@smartgeometrics.com or call 1-868-224-3484 or +1 832-571-2362

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